FENIX has a good development recently, will hold an AMA on 2021/7/21 20:00(GMT+8) in the telegram group(https://t.me/CoinsuperEx) to share the development plan, and they will hold an FNX trading activity and campaign, the users can earn rewards about their trading profit , and share rewards according to their trading amount.

Time: 2021/7/21 15:00(GMT+8) — — 2021/7/27 15:00(GMT+8)

1.Win rewards according to profit.

Rules: Users need to sign up via the link: http://coinsuper.mikecrm.com/Vp2O1Mn, During the activity, user will be rewarded according to the rank of profits obtained by trading FNX/USDT.

1st Prize:200 FNX

2nd Prize: 120 FNX

3rd Prize: 80 FNX

Coinsuper has Launched Referral Program and Activity: Invite Friends to Earn FNX + LENS

Coinsuper has launched Referral program on June 22. By inviting friends to register on Coinsuper through your invitation code/link, you will get rewards when your friends trade each time. You will receive the same crypto as the invitees trade. To celebrate the launch of the Referral Program, an activity will be held at the same time.

Referral Rules:

1. You will get rewards when invitees trade each time;

2. You will receive the same crypto as the invitees trade;

3. Rewards = actual trade fee *…

Multi-Chain Yield Optimizer BIFI has been listed on Coinsuper — Community AMA Records

Beefy.Finance is a liquidity farming optimizer on the Binance Smart Chain which can realize automatic investment strategies for liquidity capital. BEEFY allows investors to interact with a wide range of liquidity farming opportunities without frequently reviewing and manually executing their investment strategies. The platform is constantly exploring new ways to optimize its strategy to ensure maximum revenue. The platform token is BIFI. It can be used for platform collateral, governance, etc.

At 14:00 on May 31, 2021, the project team of Beefy.Finance was invited to Coinsuper Community…

Coinsuper has reached a strategic partnership with Rockefeller family corporation — — RoseRock Capital Group(RRC)

Hong Kong digital currency exchange Coinsuper and Rockefeller family corporation — — RoseRock Capital Group(RRC) have jointly announced their strategic cooperation on blockchain technology, digital assets issuance and trading, artworks NFT issuance and operation, as well as brand building and personnel training.

Coinsuper is a Hong Kong-based digital assets trading platform and self-regulated custodian platform. It’s invested by Pantera Capital, Unbound Capital, CFSG and many other well-known institutions, providing global digital currency investors with a secure and stable trading system, USD deposit/withdrawal services and assets…

On May 25th, ICP will be officially available on Coinsuper, and on May 26th, ICP/USDT trading pair will be launched in the Coinsuper Innovation Zone. Coinsuper will also offer rewards to users who participate in the trading of ICP, giving away 3,000 USDT + 3 million SHIB exclusive benefits. The campaign will run from 2021/5/26 17:00 to 2021/6/1 (GMT+8). Users can check Coinsuper announcement for details.

The time nodes before ICP’s listing on Coinsuper is as below:

At 1am on May 8th (GMT+8), DFINITY held the launch activity of the Beta mainnet “Mercury”, which marked a solid step forward for…

In addition to the price rising and falling of cryptocurrencies, there are various urban legends spreading in various communities. Last week, someone claimed to have recovered hundreds of millions of Dogecoins, stored on hard drives years ago, which now worth tens of millions of dollars. While this story may be fabricated, Dogecoin’s rise is certainly there for all to see. From the beginning of this year to now, Dogecoin has been on a roll, with an increase of more than 10000% and a hundredfold increase in market value.

Still, there are many people in the market who were negative about…

XIBI(Auditable Gold Reserves Backed Stablecoin) will be Listed on Coinsuper Innovation Zone

At the end of last month, Canada launched its first Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF), marking Ethereum’s entry into the public consciousness after Bitcoin. With the popularity of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the world is increasingly realizing that digital currencies may be the inevitable trend of the 21st century. While Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger remain resistant to digital currencies, the trend is irreversible, and not even financial giants can stop it.

While that digital currency is popular in the real world, traditional assets are also eager to try to…

SXP will be Listed on Coinsuper with a Deposit&Trading Campaign Held

Although the cryptocurrency industry is different from the traditional industry, it never runs independently. The trend of cryptocurrency industry in the future is to expand its boundary gradually and integrate with the real world more closely. As the necessary middleware between the cryptocurrency industry and the real world in asset level, wallets play a crucial role in this process. Swipe, which is invested by Binance and already launched in Coinbase Pro, is currently a rising star in this area.

Swipe is a decentralized payment application that integrates multiple currencies…

A Brief Introduction of the Function and Value of LENS

On April 19th, LENS Eco Chain, an integrated culture and entertainment economic public Chain built by Coinsuper team after two years of effort, was finally launched. Meanwhile, LENS, as the chain token, was officially launched.

Here, let’s briefly review the core features of the LENS Eco Chain.

Lotto Together: Real-time support for a variety of sports competitions. Users will not miss every victory.

NFT Auction: An NFT feast for all the interesting souls.

Pooling Together: There are fairness and opportunities that developers and investors yearn for.

Derivatives Trading: LENS not…

Coinsuper Announces Mainnet Launch of LENS Eco Chain

Throughout the development of blockchain industry over the past ten years, it has been more and more deeply involved in various social and economic communities in the real world, from the initial concept hype to the subsequent application, from the cycle of cryptocurrency to the real world financial interconnection, from the popularity of DeFi to the strong rising of NFT. …

COINSUPER Blog (Official)

Coinsuper is a cryptocurrency trading platform, support USD/Cryptocurrency trading pairs,help you to buy or sell cryptocurrency quickly and briefly.

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