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In addition to the price rising and falling of cryptocurrencies, there are various urban legends spreading in various communities. Last week, someone claimed to have recovered hundreds of millions of Dogecoins, stored on hard drives years ago, which now worth tens of millions of dollars. While this story may be fabricated, Dogecoin’s rise is certainly there for all to see. From the beginning of this year to now, Dogecoin has been on a roll, with an increase of more than 10000% and a hundredfold increase in market value.

Still, there are many people in the market who were negative about Dogecoin, thinking that Dogecoin has no value at all and that it’s all capital hype. In fact, this is the same situation that many people did not believe in Bitcoin and other digital currencies at the beginning. However, when Bitcoin breaks new highs again and again to refresh their cognition, those people finally feel that Bitcoin is valuable.

So what’s the value of Dogecoin?

In Coinsuper’s perspective, the value of Dogecoin bases on three main aspects:

Meme culture

To put it simply, meme culture is to share and disseminate certain ideas through emoticons and pictures. However, Dogecoin has been popular since its birth due to its funny dog head, which have been widely spread in new media communities such as Reddit and accepted by the majority of netizens. It’s safe to say that no interesting soul hates Dogecoin.

Reward culture

Dogecoin was the first digital currency with a circulation of hundreds of billions, which meant that its unit price would not be high from the start. Dogecoin was issued in 2013 with a price of 0.0006 US dollars, and the owner could get a huge amount of Dogecoin without spending too much. Moreover, there was no transaction fee for transfer at that time. Combining with the popular tipping and tipping culture in the community at that time, Dogecoin was naturally regarded as tip tipping. This allows it to be spread across the community, and ultimately to form a broad community consensus.

Community consensus

The last thing capital can and should not ignore, aside from professional speculators, is the power of communities. Wallstreetbets’ rising at the beginning of the year is an obvious example. Dogecoin’s value lies in the fact that it has become a tool for community communication, stress relief and self-mockery, through which a broad community consensus can be formed. Eight years later, the Dogecoin community is still vibrant and expanding its boundaries at an accelerating pace. Even Elon Musk and Mark Cuban have taken the initiative to call for Dogecoin.

The current price of DOGE is around $0.7. It is literally a thousandfold coin. Whether there is room for further gains is unclear. However, as the homepage of Dogecoin website shows, “1 Dogecoin = 1 Dogecoin”. For those who like Dogecoin, holding DOGE is a kind of faith.

In view of the tremendous potential of Dogecoin, Coinsuper will launch Dogecoin on May 10 as the sixth online currency in the Innovation Zone, and in the first week (2021.5.10–2021.5.16), all transaction fees will be waived, so that people can truly free the cost of DOGE trading on Coinsuper.

More details of DOGE deposit, trading and withdrawal are available on the Coinsuper website.

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