Coinsuper Exclusive: With 54 TB of NFT data stored on Filecoin, the storage projects still have huge growth potential

“More than 32 PB of data are currently stored on Filecoin, with 54 TB of data coming from NFT”, Pooja Shah, product leader of Protocol Labs, tweeted. These NFT uploads from projects such as OpenSea, OneOf, MakersPlace, Jigstack, Plam, Holaplex, etc. There are currently averaging nearly one NFT uploaded to the Filecoin network per second.

In 2021, the hot DeFi market makes blockchain technology paid attention to and understood by the public once again. Under the temptation of huge interests, more people understand and accept blockchain, address, wallet, and private key these obscure terms. Coinsuper believes that it is this group perception base that creates the conditions for the explosion of NFT market.

The recent forays into the metasverse by Internet giants such as Facebook and Microsoft have added fuel to the NFT boom. In this case the metaverse and NFT projects are becoming popular. From Coinsuper’s point of view, given that the metaverse and NFT will have to be decentralized for storage, the best choice at this point is a storage project like Filecoin. Therefore, in addition to metaverse and NFT projects, the future market should also pay attention to the growth of decentralized storage projects.

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