New Tokens Prelisting Subscription for HRT is in Full Swing, and Only 20% of the CEN Subscription Area Remains!

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New Tokens Prelisting Subscription for HRT is in Full Swing

Only 20% of the CEN Subscription Area Remains

New Tokens Prelisting subscription for phase III of Coinsuper — — Prelisting Subscription for HRT has been carried out from 12:00(GMT+8) on 13 December to 12:00(GMT+8) on 20 December. Users who hold HRT can obtain BTC’s mining benefits. This prelisting subscription is supported by two subscription methods — CEN and USDT. Coinsuper supports its users to participate in subscription by CEN for the first time.

As Coinsuper’s pioneering concept, prelisting subscription had been a trend of the industry. Currently, HRT subscription is in full swing. Among them, CEN subscription area is very popular. By joining CEN community now, you can get subscription quota immediately!

HRT is launched by Coinsuper, a leading digital currency exchange in Hong Kong, based on the world’s top ten mining pool, dpool and is the first global token based on real computing power.


More than 32 million CEN have been Locked in Phase III of CEN Plus

Coinsuper has launched the phase III of CEN plus at 20:00 (GMT+8) on 13 December. If the lock-in CEN is selected for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, the annual rewards of 12%, 15% and 18% can be obtained respectively, and the rewards will be distributed in quarterly settlement.

Currently, more than 32 million CEN have been locked, and many investors choose to lock their tokens for 12 months in order to obtain 18% fixed annualized returns!

The following shows a specific review of the progress of Coinsuper project last week.

Token Launch

Accumulated number of token listed: 65 tokens

Accumulated 102 transaction pairs are supported

OBSR Global Launch

Coinsuper launched OBSR at 12:00 (GMT+8) on 14 December globally, and commenced OBSR/BTC trading pair transaction at 17:00 (GMT+8) on that day.

Coinsuper, as one of the few platforms in Asia to support the USD fiat trading, is committed to providing users with a secure, compliant and professional digital currency trading experience with the vision of “connecting the financial world with blockchain”. We now support the transactions between 10 mainstream currencies and USD as well as the account binding service of 198 banks worldwide. We will launch more transaction pairs successively, in order to implement a one-stop exchange of digital asset and fiat money on the Coinsuper platform, providing a more convenient trading service to traditional financial customers who are familiar with the trading of fiat currencies.

Coinsuper has always been committed to selecting quality currencies. Please note that we will launch more new tokens this week. Since digital assets are innovative investment products with considerable price fluctuations and investment risks, investors are advised to make investment decisions prudently.

Product Development

Optimization of Trading View

Further Optimization of Secure Login Settings

  1. Include the default indicator display of the moving average (MA) on the candlestick chart;

2.Include the indicator modules function to facilitate the switch of displays;

3.The graph upload/download function is being displayed, the graph can be uploaded to the cloud or being downloaded with just a click, enhancing convenience and keeps operating habits;

4.The relevant functions are available in full screen mode, and the full screen display is clearer;

In addition, functions including support for recall operations, refreshing to recover the initial graph and snapshots of the current graph are also added.

Coinsuper will focus on users’ needs and experience and optimize continuously. Various functions and activities, which support the business development of Coinsuper, will be developed and supported continuously.

Online Activities

End of 60% Invitation Reward on the Platform

Coinsuper launched an event in celebration of Double 11 & Thanksgiving during 11 November to 12 December. Apart from Invitation Rewards of up to 60% commission refund, every user had a chance to get 7000 CEN and 10 Commission Refund Vouchers. The event has now completed. Congratulations to all the winners! The rewards will be delivered in 7 working days after the event, and winners please refer to the email.

Major Community Data

Official Chinese telegraph group: current number of users is 65,784.

Official English telegraph group: current number of users is 51,712.

Official QQ group: current number of users is 1,880.

Official Twitter: total number of fans is 16,600.

Official Facebook: total number of fans is 4,694.

Coinsuper is a cryptocurrency trading platform, support USD/Cryptocurrency trading pairs,help you to buy or sell cryptocurrency quickly and briefly.