We Work as Diligent as We can in the Field of Fintech

---------Coinsuper meetup in Hang Zhou on 20 September

“We pierce into the pain points in the industry, by the way of face-to-face communication with users and gathering talents in the field.”

On 20 September, a user meet-up upon directional invitation was held as expected in B-LABS, Hangzhou, which was scheduled as a part of Coinsuper China Tour. In the meet-up, Coinsuper’s management team has conveyed essential messages, including the core business the company fights for, and the long-term mission and vision the company has set and persisted. In the meantime, as series of figures in the industry presented upon invitation and profoundly discussed on the pain points in the market.

Part 1

Instilling, Shovel-Ready, for a Long March

At the beginning of the meet-up, Mr. Zhang Jun, the chief manager of Coinsuper, introduced how the company positions itself and what strategic planning has been made: Coinsuper is committed to upgrading financial market and looking forward to a new era of asset blockchainization, According to the highest level of the financial industry, it builds a fintech ecosystem at expert institutional level, chaining the digital assets to the financial markets in liable and secure approaches. Coinsuper management team, excelling at capacity, reputation and background, will effectively mingle traditional financial market and new economy of cryptocurrencies with their knowledge and experience acquired and accumulated for years.

Zhangjun: Coinsuper, owing to its substantial involvement in fiat exchange, deposit and withdrawal, sets up stringent rules and regulations in terms of conformity and surveillance. Meanwhile, we endeavour ourselves to be overall licenced and supported by traditional banking. We hope we can be a long-march contestant in the industry and promote and maintain vibrance of cryptocurrency market, our hands joint with our investment institutions, alliances and platform users.

Coinsuper has attained recognition and trust globally from a constellation of outstanding investors, including Pantera, Cash Financials, Guosheng International, Oriental Patron, CDH, Sky9, 8 Decimal, Juntong, Bharti Family Fund (a fund owns majority shares of the world third-largest telecom operator).

Zhang Jun drew a lottery for the audience after his speech

Part 2

Do You Really Understand Custodianship?

In the second-round speech, Simons Liu, the deputy in charge of Coinsuper’s technology, introduced the audience about custodianship under the fintech context. In his speech, he also outlined the hazards and challenges of running custodianship businesses in the contemporary situation.

Simons: in such an industry, cognitive unevenness pervades, positioning of users and products goes vague with business, demand and service models unconfirmed. Consequently, lacking in systematic surveillance and standard in fintech, carrying out custodianship for cryptocurrencies calls for strenuous research and considerable patience. In the context where accounting and auditing standards are pending to be specified with an incomprehensive financial system, there is a great necessity for the custodianship occupants to keep seamless communication with surveillance agencies. To be more general, these occupants need to work as explorers to ravel brand new standards and regulations applicable to fintech custodianship.

Custodianship occupants, as explorers in the field, have the obligations to persist on principles and baselines, only by which a reliable and professional platform will be shaped and provided. Only in this case, may cryptocurrency industry boast a trustworthy and promising prospect, gradually building and refining financial, accounting and auditing regimes that monitor the industry effectively and universally.

Part 3

Technology Empowers the Community

In the third round of the speech, Seon Zhu, the commercial deputy of Coinsuper, showed how Coinsuper conceptualizes its wherefore, ay to serve community exchanges with SaaS services and products.

Seon: blockchain projects, with a series of risks out of control, have their outcomes unpredictable. Therefore, a group number of communities having experienced project setbacks would suffer from loss derived from user loss, consensus vanishment that could be detrimental to the community. Focusing on this situation, Coinsuper, in the August of this year, packed up it own financial infrastructure and technological capacity and started to source out a systematic measure for digital asset trading platforms. This is going to be helpful for those communities opulent with their value and traffic data resources so that these communities may energise their community environment and build their autonomous trading platforms.

Via the approach of security technology support + licensed custodianship + whole-course free construction + transparent account data, we solve asset security and trustability problem for community nodes. We support and empower communities with full-range infrastructure, by which communities may focus themselves on their own operation and data fission, heading to a win-win outcome in the ecosystem.

Coinsuper empowers communities with full-range infrastructure

Round table sessions

Round table 1: A word to break the industry pain point
Round table 2: The power of new communities

Thank you all for your support and company!Stay tuned for updates on our offline meet-up. See you next time!

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